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The Bethel Sunday Breaking of Bread 10:30 am
Henrietta Street Sunday Bible Talk 6:00 pm
Old Trafford Sunday Youth Church 2:45 pm
M16 9GA
Tuesday Bible Reading Course 7:00 pm
Thursday Bible Class 8:00 pm
Tuesday Tuesday Club 6:45 pm
Thursday Playtime 10:00 am - 12:00 am
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We run programmes of adult and youth activities throughout the week and have regular one-off events. These events are shown on our web site, which also gives specific contact details.

Whilst all the activities of the church are open to anyone to attend, we run some regular events that are aimed at providing for the needs of the local community both practically and spiritually. We will never push our beliefs down your throat, but our intention is to act in a way that glorifies God by serving our neighbours and making the good news of Jesus Christ understandable for people who are seeking him.


Shared Lunch from about 1:00pm
Youth Church from 2:45pm
Big Sunday from 2:45pm - first Sunday of the month only
Evening Service from 6:00pm
Old Trafford Community Choir from 7:15pm 


Anything from 5-a-side to 9-a-side Football played from 8pm


Coffee Morning from 10:30am 
The Bible Course Chorlton Adult Education Centre in term time and The Bethel during school holidays.
Tuesday Club From 6:45pm
Ashton Youth Club in Ashton from 7:00pm


Ashton Youth Club in Ashton from 7:00pm


Playtime from 10:00am 
Free Baby, Infant and Children's Osteopathic clinic from 10:15am


Friday Club from 7:30pm


Periodic other events including a yearly Fête, Summer Activity days and Choir concerts.

If you think there is anything else that you would like to see us doing or providing for the local community, please get in touch and let us know how we can best serve you.

Below is an interactive Google Map to our location:


Youth Church

Community Choir

Monday Night Football

Coffee Morning

The Bible Course

Tuesday Club


Osteopathy Babies and Children's Clinic

Friday Club
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